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I come across a lot of good articles and posts that deserve attention, so I am starting a new (semi regular) section today.

Without further ado, today’s links:

  • I already mentioned Marc van Bree’s ambitious project. He has continued developing the strategies for a new media communication plan from an orchestra perspective. It’s a must read for anyone working in cultural institutions. Follow the development here. New sections of the document are updated daily.

  • We are Media is is a community of people from nonprofits who are interested in learning and teaching how social media strategies and tools can enable nonprofit organizations to create, compile, and distribute their stories and change the world. They are also running a very worthy project: a wiki/ manual of sorts to assist Non Profits in the how-to of implementing Social Media tools. First part of the Strategic Track can be found here. However, all modules are worth a read. Beth Kanter, of How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media is behind this project.

“McKinsey’s second annual survey on the business use of Web 2.0 technologies—including wikis, blogs, social networks, and mash-ups1—were asked which of these social and interactive tools their companies have adopted and for which purposes, what they are doing to encourage adoption, and how satisfied they are with their use of these tools.They were also asked to what extent they are using such new technologies to interact with their employees, customers, and suppliers—and, ultimately, how important these tools are to their companies’ competitive edge”.

  • A news release from the Library of Congress:

“More video material has been uploaded to YouTube in the past six months than has ever been aired on all major networks combined, according to cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch. About 88 percent is new and original content, most of which has been created by people formerly known as “the audience.””

The whole piece at Faster Future can be found here. If you work in anything remotely related to New/ Social Media, go read it. It’s an excellent explanation of why you should have a strategy that includes communities. Also, this post at Communities Dominate Brands makes a great point:

“Language and accent are deeply intertwined with otherness and class and therefore belonging.

This evolving democratisation of languages are signifyers of sameness – Crossing points if you will towards mutual understanding””.


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