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I have been using Google Trends for a while, mainly to keep an eye on the ups and downs of what people are searching for. It was a good indicator of how media stories could have an immediate impact in triggering interest on certain subjects. For those of us working on media related roles, such indicators are good pointers to explain how we can increase awareness of the organizations we work for, helping them generate “news” as opposed to “press releases”.

It looks like Google released a new and improved version of Google Trends, called Google Insights. The added value of Insights is that it also displays searches related to your query. For instance, a search for the composer “Chopin” will return not only the volume of queries related to him, but also the geographical location of these searches, the media stories that triggered peaks of interest in the composer and also the related search terms that people used when searching for “Chopin”.

One may wonder what exactly is the value of related search terms. I’ll try and give a concrete correlation of this value. Say you are trying to create awareness for a foundation devoted to education in Classical Music. People who are looking for this composer, are specifically looking for “Chopin music sheet”. Such factual insight could be the basis for a new project within the foundation, to release music sheets under a non restrictive copyright license like Creative Commons, creating awareness for the foundation’s existence and purpose, while at the same time fulfilling the foundation’s objectives: education in Classical Music.

In my experience, many cultural enterprises fail because they are not necessarily paying attention to what audiences, public and patrons want or need, but mostly to what they think is fashionable or interesting. A tool like Google Insights can keep such whims in check and help create value by analyzing what people are really interested in.


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